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2012 - 2. plads DM i Super Street Bike

2011 - Danmarksmester Super Competition Bike

2011 - 2. plads ved Mosten Raceday Super Competion Bike

2010 - Danmarksmester Super Competition Bike

Springrace April 2013:

Participated in the first league of the Danish Championship at Spring Race this weekend. Fantastic weather, lots of race trying to figure out the adjustment of the new bike. Ended up as no. 3 in the Super Street Bike class. It's ok considering the adjustments neeeded and me having to know the bike and its possibilities. 

Best ET 5,485 and 226,89 km/h on the 201 meter track. And best 60ft 1,351.

Malmo Open 1 May 2013:

Participated in Malmø Open 1 this weekend. Made several personal records. All the settings seems to work better together. Now I have to learn to see and trust my shiftlight :) 

Best ET 5,24 and 237 km/h on the 201 meter track. And a stabil 1,35 at the 60 ft. 

Driver Per Emborg


We have not yet planned our racing season 2017 but we are looking forward to meet you all on the Race Track. 

Calender 2017

Racecalender of the year 2017 not ready yet

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End of the dragracing season - now its time for the winter projects. 

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